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The Flashback Episode

The Flashback Episode #writing #writingblog

You remember the sitcoms where they’d start showing a collage of moments from various episodes in the past, just plugging in old bits of content as filler, and otherwise taking up room? They try and push the jokes and punchlines that out-of-context make little sense. Well, that’s what this post is!

"Talk about a sticky situation!"

“Talk about a sticky situation!”

Chatting to someone on Twitter about first drafts last night…

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Writing Musts: Except Your Brilliance

Writing Musts: Except Your Brilliance (yes, it’s intentional) #writing


After toiling away at the first draft of a novel, pouring so much enthusiasm into the beast, heaping tremendous amounts of your own brilliance into your storytelling with an assortment of carefully chosen words and plot development, expectations can run high. You carve out a piece of your soul, pour your worth into the creation of this epic (and they’re alwaysepic) story, bleeding all over the…

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Beyond the First Draft

Beyond the First Draft #writing #editing

It would be easy to blame NaNoWriMo for the extent with which this blog focuses on what is essentially first-draft stuff. The lessons are chiefly targeted at getting your story written, embracing the creative process in a way that maximises your output (by stopping you from stopping), and I have no problem with that being the case. For years it was the step I was so sorely lacking, but it’s…

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I’m not okay with this

I’m not okay with this #introspective

The view isn’t bad. I’ve always been the one that stares at a rainy street, or a light illuminating the green surrounds. There’s a beauty there in what’s constructed, or inside the average, mundane presence of the world. I need to be clear about that. It’s the unexceptional and boring that has beauty too, not some magical ‘hidden’ way of looking at the world, but just the existence of what we…

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